• Let the good times roll!

    Our guys are always happy to create a great atmosphere for you.

  • We let our hair down!

    There's always fun to be had! (the Goaßlschnoizer festival)

  • You'll get a real experience here!

    Forgotten customs can be all the more exciting.

  • Well-deserved and delicious food to keep your strength up.

    We cook with our heart and soul.

  • Get your dancing shoes on again.

    Just because it fills your heart with joy!

  • Fun all round.

    All the more so if you join in.

  • Come on over ...

    ... and let us entertain you.

  • Goosebumps.

    Simply because it's so beautiful.

  • A different kind of role reversal.

    Who dares?

  • Only the best for you.

    Have a good time with us.

  • Jürgen hits the big time.

    You've got to have seen him live!

  • Always a hit!

    You’ll have a whale of a time with us.

On the mountain pasture, there is no sin!


We have long known this. If you visit us, you will soon notice that we enjoy life. Precisely for this reason, our guests keep coming back. It's best when everything enjoys themselves, and we ensure that. You can celebrate on our mountain pasture at any time of the year: be it with juicy green meadows in a barmy summer night or surrounded by snowy woods on a romantic winter's day. From birthday to wedding, we make your party unforgettable. There is always a reason to celebrate.

Let us advise you.

Auf der Alm, da gibt’s koa Sünd’!

Das wissen wir schon längst. Wenn du zu uns kommst, merkst du schnell: Wir haben Spaß am Leben. Genau aus diesem Grund kommen unsere Gäste auch immer wieder. Am schönsten ist es, wenn alle Spaß haben – und dafür sorgen wir. Auf unserer Alm kann man zu jeder Jahreszeit feiern: ob bei saftig grünen Wiesen in einer lauen Sommernacht oder umgeben von verschneiten Wäldern an einem romantischen Wintertag. Vom Geburtstag bis zur Hochzeit machen wir aus deinem Fest ein unvergessliches. Es gibt einfach immer einen Grund zu feiern.

Lass dich einfach von uns beraten.