• A dumpling filled with jam

    Who can resist that?

  • We say it over and over:

    That’s our specialty.

  • Rowan berry, apricot or gentian schnapps?

    Or maybe a Williams?

  • Enzian, Vogelbeere.

    Auf Dein Wohl.

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable

And part of this is a good meal. Whether it be a St. Johanner sausage with sauerkraut, a Wiener Schnitzel, veal shank or duck, pea soup, sugared pancakes and much more.


Gourmet breakfast in the summer:


In the summer on weekends and public holidays there is a wonderful breakfast buffet from 9am to 11am. Come and indulge yourself.

We‘ll make it fresh for you. You just enjoy.