• That’s so easy, you know.

    Then do it too!

  • Hurray, we’ll stay there.

    You can’t catch me!

  • 5 more minutes please?

    And then there were three.

  • Rübekrokofantil.

    And then take it away fast!

  • The Rübezahl carved this one himself.

    You’re fibbing! – No.

  • These kinds of mushrooms are supposed to be poisonous.

    Not this one.

  • Mommy, what is a “Locomorübe”?

    Just get on.

Lots of space to play

Just click through the pictures and you’ll see: A paradise for children.

 We’re happy when lots is happening on our playground. We have children as do many of our employees and so it’s important for us to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in our children’s world. For children and parents.

After all, a little relaxation goes a long way.


You can have a look at our playground here.

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