• Entrance to the old kitchen.

    Door height – 1.50 m

  • Electricity and light are quite normal...

    but we haven’t had electricity for that long on the Alm.

  • You’ll like sitting here.

    Our quaint bar stools with real skin.

  • Entire tree stumps or collected branches –

    we turn everything into something nice.

How we began

In the beginning our Rübezahl-Alm was called Kössleralm and was built in 1778. It has always been family-owned. That is the tradition of the Alm. We are located at 1200 m above sea level right in the middle of the ski resort Wilder Kaiser/Brixental which, by the way, is the largest interconnected ski resort in Austria. Up until 1972 the Alm was used exclusively as an active mountain farm. 1972 was the year the funicular up to Hartkaiser Mountain was opened and Grandpa Georg Salvenmoser had the idea of turning the cow barn into a ski hut. At the time, my father, Gerhard, had just returned from a three-year stay in Namibia and joined in very energetically because ultimately this was his dream.

At the start things were by no means easy because food and drink had to be carried from the valley up to the Alm on foot. There was simply one goal in mind: To offer the guests a good meal and, in order to do so, no efforts were spared. An old saying goes: “Auf der Alm da gibt’s koa Sünd” (There’s no such thing as sin on the Alm). That may be the case, but back then there was at least no running water, no electricity and not even a phone on our Alm. Later on, the gas and all the food we required were delivered with a skidoo or a snowcat. We children, of course, had to go to school and on winter mornings we put on our skis. The Alm soon became a popular destination in winter and summer. Everyone liked the quaint and cozy atmosphere which we have tried to maintain right up to today.

It wasn’t until the end of the 1970s that, to our relief, an access road was built. Soon thereafter the private home was ready, and we all no longer had to spend our nights sleeping on makeshift folding beds. Our long-awaited power connection came in 1989. And so, again, we were one step closer to having an improved infrastructure and even more guest comfort. To this day we have remained a family-owned operation and would like to remain so. We’re not contrived or modern. No, we’re quaint and cozy. And that’s just the way we like it. Numerous guests thank us for this day in and day out. And for this we would like to express our thanks to our guests.

Sincerely yours, the Salvenmoser Family