• Our beautiful Alm

    with a view of the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.

  • You have nothing to fear –

    I’m just on my summer break.

  • Mountain lakes can be so beautiful

    just like the one behind our house.

  • What a fantastic summer feeling

    and what a view of the valley!

  • Somehow it tastes best here

    likely because I’m not allowed to be here.

Every season on the Alm has something special to offer

In spring when everything starts to bloom again, you can smell the invigorating power of the Alm. Later, when the cows join us and the clear air and our good food and drink put you at ease, you’ll know just how beautiful it is up here. So enjoy the time with us and recharge your battery. It’ll do you good.


Here you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the Rübezahl Alm!

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